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Application Manager, Wuhan

发表 2023-11-21
过期 2023-12-05
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Application Manager, Wuhan
China, 湖北, 武汉,
发表 November 21, 2023


Application Manager  YOUR TASKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Understanding & analysis  Study and understanding of various MR pulse sequences to apply with our products.  Understand the mechanism and properties such as pharmacokinetics, magnetic properties, and tissue specificities about our products in the nature and the human body.  Analyze competitors: Understand our competitors by collecting and analyzing competitor data.  Understand customers by collecting medical imaging (MRI, CT, PET and etc) research data, analyze customer data and understand customer's research, clinical needs and workflow, satisfaction, issues with our products and then derive business implications.  Maximizing MRI performance.  Optimize the MR pulse sequence parameter for the all MR machine.  Optimize the protocol with our products.  Utilize contrast media in the most efficient way.  Supervise and liaise the collaboration site and hospital.  Improve the images of unsatisfying existing customers (semi hospital) because of the invisible images.  Continuous supply and manage for the best images through optimized MR sequence to existing customer using our products.  Supply the optimized MR sequence with our product to new customers.  Advice and propose the medical research using our products.  Assist to expand market size and market share as a helper for  Product manager and Associated product manager include MRI, CT, PET  Area manager and MRs  Molecular imaging team  Dual imaging team  Exchange and interact the information with global.  Recommend more improved techniques  Share MR sequences parameter and images  WHO YOU ARE At least 3 years of relevant work experience  Loyalty by order of a superior officer  Professional knowledge of MRI and other imaging techniques  Positive and aggressive activity  Open-mind, passionate and enthusiastic  Communicative  Skillful with  New / unexpected situation  Customers  Other Technicians  Physic background (bachelor's degree) 、 Nuclear physics (Master's degree) 、 Medical engineering with MRI (Ph.D.)  Technical Assistant for MRI  MRI study experience using MRCM


工作类型: 全职
合同类型: 永恒的
薪酬类型: 每月
职业: Application manager

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