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Mgr District Sales -prolia-suzhou, Suzhou Shi

China, 江苏, Suzhou Shi
发表 2024-02-12
过期 2024-02-22
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Mgr District Sales -prolia-suzhou, Suzhou Shi
China, 江苏, Suzhou Shi,
发表 February 12, 2024


Principle Roles & Responsibilities / Accountabilities 主要职责/责任(Major functions of the position) (职位的首要职能)Planning:计划管理:Develop, implement and monitor District Business plan和团队及市场部同事共同制定自己负责区域的推广计划,并对实施进行监控Account & Brand Management客户管理和品牌管理Build strong relationships and credibility with key customers, affect the customer correct prescription Amgen’s product to the patients与关键客户建立牢固的关系和信任,影响客户正确处方安进的产品Participate in or develop professional promotion activities in responsible area to establish good interactive mechanisms.参与或制定负责区域的专业推广活动,以建立良好的互动机制Work together with Commerce colleagues to secure the product supply channels.和商务部同事一起保证公司产品供应渠道畅通Performance Management绩效管理Understand company business strategy, set working objective and promotion task, motivate team to ensure achievement of Company objectives理解公司战略,制定工作目标和推广计划,激励团队成员以保证完成公司目标Build cooperative and collaborative team spirit to align well with company’s culture培养符合公司文化的互助合作的团队精神Team Management团队管理Provide leadership, coaching, mentoring & Training direction to team personnel领导、指导、辅助以及培训团队成员Conduct performance management, professional development and hiring of team personnel对团队成员进行绩效管理、职业发展的指导和招聘Finance Management财务管理Set up budget plan and execute accordingly based on company policy按公司规定合理制定预算,并监控预算的实施,确保资源的合理和有效利用Compliance Management合规管理–Effectively manage the compliance of team members’ business activities.有效管理团队成员业务活动的合规性Self-Management自我管理Develop leadership/people management skills to realize continuous self-improvement积极的进行公司产品知识的学习及领导技能的学习,以身作则执行公司各项规章制度,进行有效的团队管理Demonstrate professional leadership and commitment in administering company’s values.践行公司价值观时展现出专业的领导能力和敬业精神Qualification and Experience 能力与经验Years of Working Experience 工作年限 : 5+ years sales representative experience within pharmaceutical industry 5年及以上医药行业销售经验 At least 2 years’ experience in sales management of major or joint venture Pharma. Company 2年以上大型或合资制药企业的销售管理工作经验Education/Qualifications 教育程度/所获资格证书 University Degree and above 本科及以上学历Related field requirements 相关领域的要求 Medication, marketing, commerce preferred; Experience in CV field preferred 医学,药学,市场,商科专业优先;心血管领域工作经验优先Job Required Basic Competencies 岗位所需基本胜任力 Sales Achievement & Business Development 业绩达成及业务发展 Selling skills 销售技巧 Product knowledge 产品知识 Industry & Disease/Therapeutic area knowledge 医药行业及疾病/治疗领域的知识 Customer management 客户管理 Teamwork 团队合作精神 Sales Force Effectiveness and capability development 销售有效性及能力发展Leadership Key Competencies 领导者关键胜任力Achieving Results 取得成果Is goal-directed, persistent; driven to achieve objectives明确传达目标、时限和期望Clarify responsibilities for important tasks针对重要的任务明确职责分工Recognizes the contributions of teammates and peers肯定并嘉奖辛勤工作和卓越表现Technical and Business Expertise 技术和业务才干Good at finding opportunities to simplify and improve business processes善于寻找简化和改进业务流程的良机Builds strong relationships with key customers.迅速获得客户的信赖和尊重Understand the functions of various functional areas within the organization了解组织内部各个不同职能领域的功能Feedback and Coaching 反馈和辅导Seeks candid feedback on his or her performance坦率地向他人征求反馈Invest time in understanding others and their work积极投入时间了解他人及其工作情况Help others improve through constructive feedback and encouragement通过富有建设性的反馈和勉励来帮助他人进步Encourage employees to take appropriate risks in the process of completing a difficult task在完成艰巨任务的过程中鼓励员工承担适当的风险Inspiring and Influencing 鼓舞和影响力Understands what motivates other people to perform at their best理解如何能够鼓舞他人作出最佳表现Finds opportunities to build community, celebrate and have fun积极创造机会增强人际沟通,及时分享成功和工作乐趣Boost morale and help employees understand the importance of their work鼓舞士气,帮助员工了解其工作的重要性Good at managing and influencing colleagues and supervisors善于管理并影响同事和上级Travel Frequency出差频率¨<25%¨25% - 50%¨>50%Join Us If you're seeking a career where you can truly make a difference in the lives of others, a career where you can work at the absolute forefront of biotechnology with the top minds in the field, you'll find it at Amgen. Amgen, a biotechnology pioneer, discovers, develops and delivers innovative human therapeutics. Our medicines have helped millions of patients in the fight against cancer, kidney diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and other serious illnesses. As an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for people around the world, Amgen fosters an inclusive environment of diverse, ethical, committed and highly accomplished people who respect each other but compete intensely to win. Together, we live the Amgen values as we continue advancing science to serve patients.


工作类型: 全职
合同类型: 永恒的
薪酬类型: 每月
职业: Mgr district sales -prolia-suzhou

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