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Distributor Risk Management & Audit Manager, Shanghai

发表 2023-11-21
过期 2023-11-26
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Distributor Risk Management & Audit Manager, Shanghai
China, 上海, 上海,
发表 November 21, 2023


The PositionJob Summary职位概述:She/He is required to periodically assess channel partners’ operational and data qualification, and performance in accordance with Roche Diagnostics standard operation procedures and divisional standards, as well as the validity and legality of their financial records. Meanwhile, She/He is also responsible to understand distributor business model, assess distributor risk level as well as execute proper risk exposure management to support management business decision making.经销商风险控制与审计副经理负责:根据罗氏诊断标准操作流程来定期评估渠道伙伴的运营和数据质量和业绩表现,并确保其财务流信息的有效性和合法性。此外,还须熟悉经销商的管理模式,评估经销商风险水平,参与有效管理风险敞口,帮助管理层进行业务决策。Main Tasks & Responsibilities主要工作职责 :Perform distributor on-site audit visit, check channel data, understand distributor conditions, incl. Business model, operating preference, marketing strategy etc.定期进行现场审计拜访, 检查经销商渠道数据质量,了解经销商情况,例如:业务模式、经营方式,市场策略等。Collect distributor financial data, assess the data accuracy, operating capability from finance perspective协助收集经销商财务数据信息,从财务角度评估数据的准确性,营运能力等。Understand the audit plan & audit procedures by collecting pre-audit information, performing analysis and make proper documentation.通过研究预审信息,业绩分析和文件记录,以理解整个审计计划和流程。Perform detailed interviews and audit testing within the agreed time frame进行详细的访谈并在商定的时间框架内开展审计测试。Complete working papers, issue pages and prepare distributor risk analysisreports.完成所有审计工作底稿、发现项报告,以及编制经销商风险最终分析报告。Deliver balanced and practical solutions to issues identified and reach high level of agreement on audit findings and action plans. Deliver feedback to meet business requirement & provide advice on decision making.针对发现的情况提出实用的解决方案,对审计结果达成高水平的协议和行动计划, 给出符合业务实际需求的反馈, 并提供商业决策的建议。Develop customized distributor risk management mechanism based on business requirements.基于业务实际需求,建立定制的经销商风险管理体系。Proactively learn best industry practice and share with the team and other related function主动学习行业最佳实践,并与团队成员或相关部门分享Meet Roche Professional Competencies/skills requirement (Detail as below)符合罗氏专业能力/技能要求(如下描述)Other tasks or projects assigned by line manager主管指派的其他任务Conduct business in full compliance including but not limited to Roche Secure, Roche Behavior in Business, Roche Competition Law Interactive Dialogues, Roche Safety, Security Health and Environmental Protection遵循罗氏所有合规要求,包括但不限于罗氏信息安全,罗氏商业中的行为,罗氏竞争法互动对话,罗氏安全健康环境等,合法合理开展业务活动Understand and fulfill the responsibility of line manager's SHE tasks and duties (as defined in SHE handbook)了解并执行直线经理的SHE职责(详见SHE手册相关定义)Basic Requirements of the Job基本任职资格:Education& Qualifications教育背景与专业资格:1. Bachelor Degree in Accounting, Finance or law会计,财务或法律专业本科学历2. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and Mandarin required精通英语书写及口语表达,必须会普通话3. Ability/experience in handling sensitive/complex matters in a confidential/professional manner/ Business & product knowledge以保密/专业的态度/业务与产品知识,较强的能力和经验处理敏感/复杂问题4. Strong data analysis/technical skills较强的数据分析/技术技能5. Proficient MS Office skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)熟练使用Office办公软件(Word, Excel和PowerPoint)Experience工作经验:1. 6 to 8 years of relevant experience required in public accounting / internal audit / finance or compliance team6〜8年会计/内部审计/财务或合规相关经验2. Familiar with IAS & PRC Accounting Standard /PRC Tax laws, regulations.熟悉国际会计准则和中国会计准则/中国税务法律法规。3. Strong knowledge of auditing practices, procedures and principles and previous knowledge of internal and external audit strongly preferred具备丰富的审计实践、审计流程和审计原则知识为佳,有相关外部或内部审计经验者优先考虑Professional Capabilities/Skills专业能力/技能:1. Strong analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to effectively resolve issues of a complex nature.较强的分析和解决问题的技巧和迅速解决复杂问题的能力2. Strong interpersonal, presentation, verbal and written communication skills in Mandarin and English with the ability to effectively interact with internal and external business partners.良好的人际关系,较强的中英文演讲以及口头和书面的沟通技巧,与内外部业务伙伴进行有效沟通的能力3. Good knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, accounting systems and applications, and other business-related software systems.熟练掌握微软办公套件,财务系统和程序等其他业务相关的软件系统4. Integrity and team work are core values.具备诚信和团队精神的核心理念5. High level of self-motivation, determination and confidence in your abilities.高水准的自我激励,对自我能力的决心和信心6. Meticulous attention to detail.注重细节7. Ability to work to deadlines, under pressure, and the willingness to put in the extra hours when needed.在压力下和在最后期限内工作的能力,并愿意在需要时投入额外时间8. Ability to work on your own initiative and as part of a team.自主工作和作为团队成员工作的能力9. Demonstrated willingness to continually learn有较强的上进心Values & Core Competencies 价值观与核心能力:1. Demonstrate Roche values of Integrity, Courage, Passion体现罗氏的价值观:真诚,勇气,激情2. The Core Competencies is identified as being most crucial for success in this role please refer to “Roche China University Website - Career Development - Platform”关于这个角色成功最重要的核心能力, 具体细节请参考 “罗氏中国大学网站 – 职业发展 – 发展平台”


工作类型: 全职
合同类型: 永恒的
薪酬类型: 每月
职业: Distributor risk management & audit manager

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