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Operations 操作, Beijing

发表 2024-04-04
过期 2024-04-09
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Operations 操作, Beijing
China, 北京, 北京,
发表 April 4, 2024


Time Type: Full Time General Responsibilities 主要工作职责 Be responsible for daily operation issues for Air Import or Export 负责日常空运进、出口货物操作 Fully use communication skill to improve the service of our clients 运用技巧与客户进行良好的沟通、以提高服务质量 Independent, professional and active working attitude 具有独立的、专业的和积极的工作态度 Team spirit 团队精神 Detailed Responsibilities 具体工作职责 In charge of daily operational activities, liaise with local agents/carriers etc.

to solve the basic problem independently.

与地面代理、承运人等联系进行相关操作事宜,并能独立地解决基本问题 Report or Consult the problems from your leader for those you could not deal with.

Do not hold anymore.

及时上报问题或者向你的主管寻求解决方案,切勿滞留 Ensure to reply email, inquiries timely without any delays.

Never put off the works today till tomorrow.

当日事当日毕,保证及时回复邮件、询价等 Ensure outstanding / overdue / run off are processed promptly according to company’s KPI.

保证“应收账款”/“超期未付款”/ run off 等及时处理并力求在合理指标内(与公司KPI要求的标准相比) Ensure Friendliness, Hospitality & Loyalty to clients and buildup trust.

以友善、亲切和忠实的态度对待客户、与之建立信任关系 Quality Control: ensure data input correctly, invoice issues effectively in your group.

Check and Complete open files on weekly basis.

操作质量掌控:及时准确录入系统信息、账单在有效时间内开出。 每周检查file并及时关掉 Ensure “Zero” defect service to achieve client’s satisfaction.

力求“零”失误率、以最大限度达到客户满意度 Ensure company procedures, service standards are fully implemented and followed at all times.

在任何时候都要保证按公司的操作流程和服务标准来完成工作 Close cooperate with other division like Customer Service, Sales, GTW and other branches etc.

与其他部门比如客户服务、销售、GTW 以及其他分公司等保持通力合作 Maintain the positive team working spirit and working environments.

保持积极的工作态度和环境 Other tasks assigned by superior.

主管领导分配的其他工作 DSV – Global transport and logistics


工作类型: 全职
合同类型: 永恒的
薪酬类型: 每月
职业: Operations 操作

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